It's a both/and world

I'm still not quite sure what that means, but you can ask the ladies who are directing Bi The Way, the forthcoming documentary on (bi)sexuality in America.
They are also employing me (among other tasks, I helped design and build this site.) So - yes - this is partially a shameless plug for yet another project of mine. But it is also the chance to rant, pontificate and comment away on the topic of sexuality. I know how you bar-stool philosophers love to do that. So unearth some of those stories from the sexperimental days of yore and take the survey! Come on! I didn't quit my day job for nothing. Support starving filmmakers...

A Message from the Directors of BI THE WAY

Some experts claim that humans are by nature attracted to both sexes and that those who acknowledge it, repress less the natural range of desire.

If "bisexuality" is everywhere, why is it so invisible? Is it because the word itself is too narrowly defined? We all know that the variety of sexual behaviors, thoughts, and feelings far exceeds the words we have to describe them.

We are trying to prove to the world and to a potential producer that "bisexuality" is much more pervasive than any scientific study or census suggests. If 15,000 of you take our survey, and contribute $2 to the movie, a producer will match the donations and we can finish the film!

After you take our survey, check out the map to see how the rest of America has responded.

Where are you? Please speak up!

BI THE WAY MOVIE - movie site

BOTH/AND WORLD - discussion forum and survey (I'm the webmaster, so let me know of any glitches)

BI THE WAY BLOG - follows the filmmakers across the country

Bi The Way on MySpace - I hate this damn site and anything that Rupert Murdoch touches. But hey... you can't fight city hall.