I'm a Gemini, and my favorite food is pizza.

Yes. Yes. I know. Too little, too late. I admit, I have been neglectful of my blogging duties. Unfathomably so, considering my freelance work "schedule". What was that? Yes. I am still in my bathrobe. Now why don't you shove it. Nice khakis, by the way.

Here is a link to Michael Cera's new project/blog/whathaveyou. Pure Gold Dynamite Watch some of the videos and laugh your ass off. I believe I am not alone in declaring him a genius. And sooooo cute. But I guess there is a formula to winning my heart, at this point. Dry humor + musician + Canadian = giddy schoolgirl crush. Wait... Canada Dry Humor? Anyone? Anyone?

Whatever. I never claimed to be the funny one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that is funny. I like ginger ale.

1:46 AM  

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