Merry War on Christmas!

Happy Festivus, my friends. Who wants to go caroling with me tonight? I have Bill O'Reiley's address.

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh!

We don't need your Santa Claus
Cause we've got Uncle Ho
No three wise bourgeois gentlemen
Or sleigh bells in the snow
Santa may wear red, but don't believe what you see
Cause Uncle Ho distributes presents equally

Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
He comes down from the North
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
all the presents he brings forth
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
He's a jolly man they say
Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh
Smash the state on Christmas day

That fat man he don't understand
How his elves work
His laissez faire philosophies
Leave his workers short
Uncle Ho tunnels, when he brings your toys
And he lives with his workers in Hanoi oi! oi!


Blogger Kevin said...

let's motor up to his house and do some bitchin' hanukkah caroling! he'll loooove it.

10:51 AM  

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